Tetley Tea Gone Herbal - Luis Mora 


Making iced tea look fresh and enticing will be our goal as we shoot the Tetley Tea Gone Herbal campaign.

I will take a fresh look approach to portrait photography for this campaign, blending the subject and the freshness of the natural world – a combination of portrait and still life - mixing in the natural freshness of the florals with beautiful fresh faces to get our message across.

Florist Jaime Gunnar on set with us was essential to achieve these test images. We played with the idea of matching the colour, shape, texture and composition of the flowers with each of the new Tetley flavours. 

Our models should be relatable and natural – their skin should be clear and glowing but they should not appear “done”. Each model will be styled among a floral still life, with her skin and eyes visible through the florals in order to capture the attention of the viewers and ensure that it is enticing to both a male and female viewer. 

From a technical perspective we will position the model and pre-light her in advance of the floral setup – we will ensure there is ample negative space in each shot to accommodate future imagery and typography.

This should be shot in a photo studio that allows me to control day light and strobe lighting at the same time. By defusing the lighting in the studio will be able to achieve the look of natural light while at the same time preserving the beautiful and true colours of the flowers and skin of the subject.

In our test images, I chose to include a large number of florals and foliage into the imagery to make sure we achieved a dramatic and full effect. I think that playing with the amount of florals included in each image, as well as the use of additional natural elements (ie relevant fruits / berries/ greenery) will give each image a life of it’s own while creating a through line in the campaign.