Jose Lopez is the Toronto based trainer, photographer, writer, and digital content creator behind “Jose Lopez Fit”. His online presence is an extension of his carefully curated lifestyle - at the point where fitness and style collide - with a positive and friendly attitude.  

When Jose was 14 he got his first gym membership, and he fell in love with the mental and physical benefits of fitness. Now, with a psychology degree under his belt, and years of training experience Jose is a personal trainer to the city’s top executives and their families. His no nonsense approach combines his new school training philosophy with old school fitness fundamentals to offer kick ass workouts, and nutritional guidance.

Jose is also creative - he has been creating content since childhood. As a boy he used to draw his own comic books and sell them to his neighbors. These days he is the photographer behind his wife’s popular blog, JodiBLK and shoots, writes, and directs his own content

Using his fresh perspective, Jose collaborates with brands he likes to to create authentic and engaging partnerships. He has worked with clients such as Kellogg’s Vector, Top Shop, CF Sherway Gardens, Kia, Nike and Unilever and is a brand ambassador and spokesperson. Jose has also been featured regularly in the media on television and in print and digital. 

Media Kit and Rate Card available on request.

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