Photographer, Visual Storyteller & Philanthropist

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Jamal Burger, also known by his Instagram name @jayscale is a Toronto-based photographer, storyteller and philanthropist. While studying kinesiology at U of T, Jamal began shooting cityscapes from the tops of Toronto buildings using his phone, and quickly amassed a fan base in the hundreds of thousands worldwide.

As his social media platforms grew, brands and agencies became aware of his talent, and he realized that his hobby had become his career. Jamal now travels the world, shooting for brands, such as the NBA, Vitamin Water, Nike, LG, Incase, Heineken, and Canon.

However, Jamal’s driving passion is helping kids find their purpose. And he is doing it with an initiative he founded called The Kick Back. It is an international program designed to get kids excited about learning and how far their dreams can take them. He mentors kids about how to be successful in school, give back to others, and chase their dreams as he did. He also collects lightly-used sneakers and hands them out to kids at The Kick Back events.

In 2017, Jamal gifted over 250 deserving kids. "Seeing the confidence in them is what inspires me to keep going,” says Jamal. “Proper footwear is something we all take for granted, but it can have such a profound impact in a kid’s life. He also participates in Shoot For Peace, a photography program for children in Regent Park, with photographers Yasin Osman and Charlie Lindsay.

“Figure out what your purpose is in life and what you want to do. Think about ways you can accomplish it, and then pass it on. Help others find their purpose. We’re in this together.”